Kaorus neue Geschichte ‚Die Stimme des Superstars‘ ist ab dem 10. Januar 2023 um 9:00:00 Uhr verfügbar!


A lovely short story will be released on Jan. 10, 2023.

In this story, you are a college student and an animator.

Your manga has been selected to be on TV series. You and the producer Tsukimori are looking for a voice actor for the main character.

Kaoru Jyosako came as a candidate for the role.

He is a celebrity whom you would have never encountered otherwise.

Kaoru Jyosako is a supermodel, actor, and lead vocalist.


In the beginning, you are not interested in him at all.

But as you work with him, you think about him a lot.


Whether about your career, partner, or life, you are always free to choose and determine your life.

The story has three different endings.

Each end has a good course though you may have to separate from him at the sad end.

Not to mention, the happy ending gives you heart-thumping moments with Kaoru.


You can experience all three endings if you choose ‘All endings’ at the end of the story.


Please enjoy the story!




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